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Northamptonshire Farm Installs Full Off Grid Solution


EasyGrid 10000 Case Study

We were delighted to be approached by ISO Energy to help them with a client’s project for an off grid powered home. 

The farm near Daventry was well established for arable and cattle farming but the owner had always held a vision of building a house there as well. Once the planning was established it soon became apparent that a grid connection was going to be expensive, so he started to investigate his alternative options and chose ISO Energy to help him with this.

ISO Energy are a leading installer of ground source heat pumps and other renewable energy systems - but for this client they needed a complete off grid power source to ensure the client had all the power they needed. They were looking for a “plug and play” solution that would supply electricity for the house and work alongside the other elements they were putting in place.

After consultation and a review of the site with ISO Energy, the Energy Solutions’ Off Grid team recommended the EasyGrid 10000. The home owner had already sourced a generator that would work with the unit and ISO Energy were installing a 12kW East/West solar array that could feed renewable energy into the EasyGrid battery storage system. This size of off-grid system meant the owner could power all the normal electrical loads for a four bedroomed house, including lighting, media, kitchen appliances and security.  ISO Energy were able to install the EasyGrid system and Energy Solutions did a final commissioning visit.

Calum Harvey-Scholes, Consultant Engineer at ISO Energy explained: “We decided to use Energy Solutions’ EasyGrid unit because it provides a simple and effective off-grid energy manager. The flexibility of the unit allowed us to tailor the solar PV array to the property by adding an additional MPPT. With their online monitoring system it is also easy to keep up to date with how the site is running from the office and enables quick troubleshooting. This was our first installation of an EasyGrid unit, and we would certainly use it again.”

The client also added “After many conversations and hearing that I would not be able to do it, I was determined to prove everyone wrong. The EasyGrid has done exactly that and I could not be happier with the system.”

Published: 06.07.2018

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