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Hybrid On-Board Power Systems


Highly Efficient On-Board Power Systems

Powering on-board appliances, tools, media and amenities is a vital part of the design for boat builders whose customers are looking to run increasing technology, work equipment and mobile comfort even when their generators or engines are not running. Whether it is a recreational or commercial vessel, efficient and effective power solutions are a key element for owners looking to increase their available power with reduced generator runtime and lower emissions.


Why Lithium?

Lithium battery systems provide a significant improvement on existing power technologies in a number of ways.


  • The systems allow boat builders to provide more power from a smaller battery footprint meaning more space on-board  and longer periods of power use.
  • Lithium batteries offer much greater efficiency – the battery can be recharged to 90% in just one to three hours* so the system can be bought back to full power ready for work.
  • The batteries will last almost twice as long as a gel battery, so they will not need to be replaced as quickly, increasing the cost efficiency of the system.

We have developed a fully scalable lithium battery system for vessels – it delivers fast & efficient power whilst taking up the least amount of space and saving weight. The system offers truly independent power that can easily be recharged from the engine, generator or shore connection when needed.


Silent Nights

The system works autonomously alongside the generator and can provide silent power overnight.


Our hybrid on-board power systems have been designed to include all the elements required for installation from battery monitoring to shore connection; and our technical team can help with specific projects adapting & scaling the system to fit your exact needs.



Published: 06.07.2018

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