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2020 Emission Reduction Deadlines Are You Ready?

 SiteGrid is a specially designed power storeage and supply unit for the construction industry, helping companies meeting the upcoming emmission reduction deadlines. 

London has announced that non-road machinery will need to meet new standards by 2020 and the European regulations  is bringing in Stage 5 requirements for engines of all sizes by 2019/20. London Mayor Sadiq Khan said in October last year: “Non-transport sources contribute half of the deadly emissions in London so we need a hard-hitting plan of action to combat them similar to moves I am taking to reduce pollution from road vehicles."

If you have a requirement to meet the new levels take at look at how SiteGrid can help.


Hybrid power

SiteGrid ulitises generator power, and renewables if available, to store power in a sophisticated battery bank; this can then deliver silent, emission-free power as required.


Energy Management Unit

SiteGrid has an optional Energy Management Unit (EMU) whcih allows six seperate loads to be fed independently  and programmed with their own unique schedules. Reducing power waste and automating essential services.

How it works

The SiteGrid will directly supply power to loads up to 30kVA from it's internal battery bank, this can be charged either by renewables or by a generator. Power will be stored in the battery bank until needed and the connected generator will only need to start when loads are sufficiently high or the batteries are discharged - making it more fuel efficient and generating less soot and noise.

Try SiteGrid Free for One Month

Take up our offer of a free trial* for one month. See how the units can help deliver the results you need for 2020.

Published: 06.07.2018

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