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4kW Waterworld Electric Propulsion System

Waterworld electric propulsion system - 4kw drive motor

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£3,050.00 / £3,660.00 inc VAT
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    Energy Solutions are the exclusive UK distributor for WaterWorld's range of electric inboard motors. WaterWorld manufacture a range of 48 volt DC electric motors, designed to replace small diesel engines in boats up to 12 metres and larger canal craft. The electric engines are designed to be a direct replacement for a traditional diesel engine both in size and cost. Perfect for narrowboats, small coastal craft and inland waterway fleets that are looking to reduce both noise and emissions the engines offer an efficient and reliable electric alternative. Already well established in the Netherlands the motors are a proven and tested option for fleet operators and private owners.

    Energy Solutions are offering the WW 4.0 INBOARD for vessels up to 6m in length or 3 tons, this is equivalent to a 8 HP combustion engine or the larger WW 10.0 INBOARD for wessels up to 12m in length or 7.5 tonness, this is equivalent to a 20 HP combustion engine.
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