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IsoBoost2 24 kVA/100A - 208/240V - US

Selects between 208 volt and 240 volt input tapping automatically (including during operation). 50/60Hz, 240/120 outputs. Includes digital meter with Modbus, remote display available.

The Energy Solutions IsoBoost transformer provides a cost effective and reliable solution to isolate and manage a shore line. It provides all of the features of a normal isolation transformer, as well as providing a boost function to manage the volt drop on heavily loaded shore lines, or to cope with a 208V (phase to phase) supply.


This is a fit and form replacement for the Charles Industries Iso-Boost(TM)
A sophisticated power meter is built into the case of the IsoBoost. It provides detailed monitoring of the output supply of the transformer, allowing the user to check that the supply is acceptable before connecting it to the vessel switchboard. The power monitor is also used to provide the control of the boosting function. It includes the following features:
  • Voltage, frequency, current monitoring
  • Power, power factor and energy usage 
  • Harmonic content and THD 
  • Event and alarm recording 
  • Modbus RTU communication for optional remote display


Part Code
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£4,450.00 / £5,340.00 inc VAT
Delivery in 45 days
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45 days

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