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DEFA MultiCharger 12V 10A Flex - IP65

DEFA MultiCharger 12V 10A - IP65 - DEFA Part Number 450017

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MultiCharger 1210 Flex is much more compact than similar chargers and has flexible cables, a flexible bracket and the DEFA PlugIn system, making installation both quick and easy. 1210 Flex takes up to 89% less space in the engine compartment than its predecessor.

1210 Flex is especially well suited for vehicles with a large battery capacity that needs regular charging. Regular charging ensures that battery is always fully charged, reduces fuel consumption and extends the life expectancy of the battery.
  • Compact – takes up to 89% less space than its predecessor.
  • Easy to install, thanks to PlugIn connectors, flexible cables and a flexible bracket.
  • LED indicators make it possible to monitor the charging status.
  • Does not harm the vehicle’s sensitive electronics
  • Plug & play – no buttons.
  • New, waterproof connections reduce the risk of corrosion.
  • MultiCharger 1210 Flex protects the battery from sulfating.
  • Advanced switch-mode charging profiles prevent damage to the battery and make it possible to stay continuously connected to 230V.
  • Temperature compensated charging voltage ensures optimal charging under all conditions, from – 35 to +50. No risk of overcharging.
  • A 230V outlet that can be used to connect two chargers, or as an outlet for other DEFA components.
  • Short circuit and reverse-polarity protection.



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