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High Performance Automatic Charge Controller. With LVD Support. For 12V System. 8A Output. 12VDC Wet Batteries ONLY - CC35

High performance Automatic Charge Controller. Uses three stage pulse width modulation (PWM) to regulate charging source. With LVD support. For 12v System. 8A output. 12vdc wet batteries ONLY.

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    CC35 Smart Charge Controller/Regulator

    The CC35 Automatic Charge Controller is a three step regulator that senses battery voltage and adjusts the regulation to deliver a bulk, absorption and float voltage from your solar panels or dumb battery charger. The CC35 enables you to leave your charging source connected permanently without fear of damaging overcharges or excess electrolyte loss. You are assured you have a fully charged battery whenever you need it.

    The CC35 is a true Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) charger that keeps the battery voltage at the prescribed charging voltage irregardless of the load current.
    The CC35 bulk charges your battery to 14.5 VDC and keeps it at that absorption voltage for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes the CC35 automatically reduces the charging voltage to 13.6 VDC and maintains that float voltage. If the power demand from the battery exceeds the solar panel supply ability and the battery voltage falls below 12.5 VDC, the CC35 will re-enter the bulk charge mode and recharge the battery to 14.5 VDC before dropping back into float.
    A built in Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) circuit automatically removes the load from your battery if battery voltage falls below 12.5 VDC for more than 1 second. This keeps the battery from going into a deep state of discharge if the charging source is unable to keep up with demand. The built-in time delay prevents the LVD circuit from enabling or disabling on short transients caused by motor start currents, etc.
    The CC35 input, output and LVD circuits are short circuit protected
    Two front panel LEDs show you what the CC35 is doing at all times: The "Charge" LED reflects the state of the PWM output (brighter for more output, more dim for less output and blinks once per two seconds when no charge is being delivered (battery fully charged).
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