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CruzPro LPG / Petrol Detector and Alarm - GD20

CruzPro LPG / petrol detector and alarm. Will control external solonoid (available seperatly). Complete with 1 sensor. Will monitor additional sensor (available seperatly). 12/24vdc.

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GD20 LPG, gasoline / petrol gas detector, monitor and alarm

The GD20 Gas Vapor Monitor detects gas vapors at 10%, 20% or 30% of the concentration required for an explosion (LEL or Lower Explosive Limit). The desired sensitivity can be selected from the front panel and stored in the non-volatile memory. When activated, the GD20 built-in 85 dB alarm will sound and it will remove power to your LPG solenoid.

The alarm will continue to sound as long as the sensor detects a dangerous concentration of gas vapor or until the Wait button is pressed. If the alarm is silenced by the use of the Wait button, the GD20 will automatically arm the alarm again as soon as the gas vapor has subsided.
The GD20 uses new technology to lower the power requirements for the sensor and the GD20 can be programmed to put itself to sleep for further power conservation. The GD20 can be programmed to be active continuously or wake up every 5 minutes for a sniff. If the GD-20 senses a dangerous concentration of gas, it sounds the alarm, cuts power to the LPG solenoid and deactivates sleep mode to continuously monitor the situation.
You can use the UP and DOWN buttons on the GD20 to manually turn your LPG solenoid ON and OFF. You can also program the GD20 to automatically turn off the LPG solenoid one hour after you turn it on, just in case you forgot to do so yourself. You get a warning beep and then have 5 minutes to press the UP button (if you need another hour).
A built-in self test program checks the electronics and calibrates the gas sensor(s) automatically in less than one minute and reports any problems.
The GD-20 operates from any voltage between 9.5 VDC and 33.0 VDC. The higher the voltage, the less current is consumed.
In addition to the built-in 85 dB alarm, the GD20 provides an alarm output that can be connected to the optional LA-20 External Loud Alarm to provide an amazing 105 dB of volume. This amount of noise can be heard for 1/4 mile or more.
The GD-20 comes pre-wired to one combination LPG / Petrol / Gasoline sensor with 3 meters (10 feet) of cable. A second LPG / gasoline / petrol sensor can be connected. Installation requires only a screwdriver. An instruction manual and all mounting hardware is provided
Each GD-20 is assembled and then 100% tested with a calibrated gas to insure accuracy of the alarm trip point.
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