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Cruzpro SOG-1 GPS NMEA 0183 to Paddlewheel Speed Pulse Converter - SOG1

Cruzpro SOG-1 GPS NMEA 0183 to Paddlewheel Speed Pulse Converter.

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SOG1 NMEA 0183 to paddlewheel signal converter

The SOG1 creates an analog paddlewheel output signal from a GPS NMEA 0183 $GPRMC sentence so you can display Speed Over the Ground (SOG) on a standard analog or digital speed log.

The SOG1 replaces a thru-hull or transom mount paddlewheel speed transducer and provides Speed Over the Ground in place of Speed Through the Water.
No more cleaning of paddlewheels to remove marine growth or weeds.
Provides a more accurate estimate of time to get to your destination since it is not affected by water currents and provides a resolution of 0.01 knots from 0.00 to 60.00 knots.
The SOG1 is powered by 12VDC and draws less than 0.020 amps.
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