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CruzPro 55 mm 16 Amp Lighting Dimmer. ROUND BEZEL - DI60/16

CruzPro 55 mm 16 amp lighting dimmer suitable for 12 or 24 volt systems. ROUND BEZEL.

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The CruzPro DI60 digital dimmer will dim tungsten incandescent lights or control motor speed for DC motors drawing up to 16 amps (8 and 16 amp versions available)

The instant ON/OFF switch remembers the percentage of dimming and enables you to go from OFF to the same level of dimming instantly.
An external input allows you to switch the DI60 ON/OFF from a remote source or use the optional DI31 light sensor to switch the DI60 ON/OFF when the sun sets and rises.

The DI60 draws only 0.017 amps and is designed to be left on continuously. 



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£102.38 / £122.85 inc VAT

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