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12V 165A AT Series Dual Foot Saddle Mount Alternator

AT (“Advanced Technology”) Series Alternators from Balmar bring together the latest innovations in alternator design to deliver incredible charging power in a compact, Marine-friendly package.

AT-Series Alternators feature a unique hairpin-wound stator design which uses densely wound square copper wire to generate exceptional output in the smallest possible area. Hairpin-wound stators feature 96 slots – compared to 36 slots in a traditional S-wound stator – allowing the hairpin-wound stator to develop superior electromagnetic energy and efficiency superior to other traditional stator designs. 


AT-Series Alternators also feature a dozen 50A capacity, externally mounted avalanche diodes, dual internal fans, and massive heat sinking designed to ensure essential cooling under high load demands. Scaled to fit in most original position installations, AT-Series Alternators are available in all four common mounting styles.


AT-Series Alternators should only be used in Dual Vee or Multi-Groove Serpentine belt configurations. Balmar’s growing range of AltMount Serpentine Pulley Conversion Kits support all AT-Series Alternators


AT-Series Alternators

Designed for Recreational Applications

§  165A or 200A in a Small Case Package

§  Up to 125A at Idle Speeds

§  25% More Efficient

§  Dual Fan Cooling

§  High Airflow Frame

§  Maximum RPM: 10,000

§  Ideal for Large Battery Banks



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£945.00 / £1,134.00 inc VAT
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10 days
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