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Fleming Yachts - Collaboration brings results

 When you work closely alongside customers the benefits for both can be substantial. The development of the Energy Solutions’ IsoBoost range was a significant move for Energy Solutions who already had a well established place in the marine isolation transformer market, designing and building transformers that worked for client’s specific needs.

When Fleming Yachts contacted Energy Solutions in Autumn 2018 to discuss the issue they had with replacing IsoBoosts formerly supplied by Charles Industries it was the start of new system development that would meet a demand worldwide for a fit and form solution.

Explains Simon Culling from Fleming: “When the project started back in 2018 ourselves and many in the industry were struggling and hunting for a suitable replacement to the Charles Industry IsoBoost. The Energy team developed a replacement that fulfils the requirements and also fits the same footprint as the Charles unit. This then developed and we asked ES to develop a AC Controller (or ACSC – AC System Controller) as it is now called, which would have a similar operation and same footprint as the Charles unit, both are now successfully complete and being fitted to our new boats and supporting our older boats.”

Since 2018 Fleming have installed over 40 units from the range, and other boat builders have benefited from matching footprint and functionality the units offer, with large numbers being sold worldwide for the international marine leisure market.


Published: 24.09.2020